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Manufacture of winning cups

The winning cups are customized to the customer's needs and are thematically matched with regard to the sporting activity to which they apply. Each piece is a unique handmade product made in a home workshop.

In case of a larger quantity of cups, a quantitative discount is possible.

The common prices are between 25-50 € per cup depending on the type.


How to find us

About us

We are distributors of products Danish company Handi Life Sport in Slovakia that specializes in producing sports aids for the disabled, especially for sport boccia.

We are people who practice sport boccia organisationally, coaching, assistance and promotion.

Contact us

Ondrej Bašták-Ďurán

Pionierov 607

049 22 Gemerská Poloma, Slovakia


+421 949 737 543


SK29 1100 0000 0029 2790 3175