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On 19th of August 2018, "Boccia OPEN - 2018" took place at the Abilympiáda compound, Masarykova 20 in Prešov, an open integrated boccia tournament of three-member teams composed of representatives of associations, companies and public administration in BOCCIA Paralympic sport.

The aim of this event was to present boccia, the activities of the ZOM Prešov sports club and its training facilities, as well as the effort to inter-sectoral cooperation, knowledge and penetration of individual communities operating in the region.
Thursday, 02 August 2018 16:42

Gallery of Boccia Tatra Cup 2018

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We bring some more awesome pictures of the biggest international Boccia event on Slovak soil in year 2018.

Monday, 02 July 2018 18:55


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International Boccia Tournament - Pairs, Teams and Singles - 4th Edition

On 23–26 June 2018, the sports hall at Alexandra Wellness Hotel (www.alexandrawellnesshotel.sk) in Liptovský Ján hosted the fourth edition of the Boccia Tatra Cup (BTC) international tournament. In addition to the traditional singles matches, this year the event also added a team and pair tournament. Boccia is a Paralympic indoor sport that revolves around throwing balls towards a target (the jack). In its essence, it is similar to pétanque or curling. The main organizer of the tournament was ZOM Prešov – Civic Association for People with Disabilities (www.zompresov.sk).

On May 30. 2018 the Regional Tournament in Integrated Boccia of couples took place at the gym of the Regional School of Business and Services in Dolný Kubín, organized by the Center for Social Services PRAMEŇ in Dolný Kubín under the auspices of the Self-governing Region of Žilina (ŽSK).

Boccia is a Paralympic sport especially for physically disabled people, but its integrated version is suitable for all without disparities in disability and so completely healthy players.


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