• Boccia ramps

    We made boccia ramps, helmets for players, suitcase for ramps and many more... Read More
  • Boccia accessories

    Cups for forming boccia balls, meters, pointers, scoreboard, tapes, measuring plates. Read More
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New products

Athletic Profi with a new system of handles

Boccia ramp BASHTO Athletic Profi in 3 color design with a new system of handles. Read More

New system of handles in ramp

New system of handles in BASHTO boccia ramp. We removed the handle 18 at all and the function of this handle substitute the handle 16. Read More

New boccia head-pointer

Boccia head-pointer: with a new functions of a pointer - there is a joint that makes it more flexible and the straps are added for to Read More
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BASHTO Athletic Profi

Our blog

  • OMD Čičmany Boccia Camp 2017 Evaluation
    Between 13 and 17 August 2017, the 6th annual Čičmany Boccia Camp took place in the Bystrík boarding house in Čičmany. It was organized by the OMD Farfaletta Žilina boccia club in cooperation with BASHTO. The event was attended by 14 players from all categories of classic boccia (BC1 to BC4) and players of integrated boccia (BCi). It was also attended by the players’ assistants and the organizational team.
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  • Boccia Rožňava 2016 - fixtures in groups
    Boccia Rožňava 2016 - fixtures in groups 3rd Annual International Team Tournament in Integrated Boccia On 16 September 2016 between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM, an international team tournament in integrated boccia will be held in the Town Sports Hall in Rožňava. The event, which will be held under the title “Boccia Rožňava 2016”, is organized as part of the Rožňava Town Days celebrations. The tournament is organized by the Rehamenta civil society organization in cooperation with…
    Read 270 times
  • Boccia Rožnava 2016 - Invitation for the tournament
    Dear boccia friends, we would like to invite you to the 3rd International Integrated Boccia Team Tournament Rožňava 2016. The tournament will take place in Sports Hall Rožňava on September 16, 2016. The tournament is held by the civic association Rehamenta in cooperation with the city of Rožňava and BASHTO. Boccia is a Paralympic sport. The core principle of the game is to throw a soft, leather ball filled with…
    Read 222 times
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We are distributors of products Danish company Handi Life Sport in Slovakia that specializes in producing sports aids for the disabled, especially for sport boccia.

We are people who practice sport boccia organisationally, coaching, assistance and promotion.

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